Monday, February 28, 2011

Start Doodling

Big news for KC this morning, Nick Vaughn delivered his first case of Doodle Dubbel to Grand Slam Liquor this morning. Will this delivery be part of KC lore in 10 years like the first keg of Boulevard being tapped at Ponak's or will it be more like wherever the first case of Weston brew was sold. I'm certainly hoping for the former.

Vaughn promises more cases will be delivered in the northland this week. Help a guy out by requesting your favorite Missouri liquor store carry Doodle Brewing and buying it when you find it. It's been a long road for Vaughn, I don't think it's too much to ask for Kansas City to welcome Doodle to town the best way we can, by buying it all and requesting more from the store.


  1. Good for him. I stopped keeping tabs on him because progress was SO slow. Keep us posted on where you can find it and how it tastes. I'm a big fan of that style and I hope he finds success.