World Gone Mad - More Beer Ice Cream

I was never interested in the Boulevard Elbow ice cream collaborations. Beer ice cream just doesn't sound that great to me, especially when you're already at Glace and have great ice cream flavors available to you already. The beer ones would be just about last on my list of flavors to try.

Well the fine folks at Waldo Pizza must have felt the same way about Elbow's Boulevard ice creams but instead of chucking the idea of beer ice cream altogether, they took it to a logical place and are now churning O'Fallon Wheach ice cream. Okay, they call it O'Fallon Peach Wheat ice cream but it's made from Wheach. I love peach ice cream and I don't see why a little beer flavor wouldn't be a welcome addition. For those who still don't want a beer ice cream they are also churning their own tomato basil, maple bacon, green tea sake and vegan cookies and cream ice creams.

Even if you aren't that interested in Wheach or other ice creams, the Waldo Tap Room now has Founder's Nemesis for $4.95/12 oz. goblet. I'm not that big a fan of barleywines, but I've heard good things about Nemesis. I hope they still have some after the Tour de BBQ on Saturday because I'm going to drop by for some ice cream and barleywine.

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