Monday, August 30, 2010

Tumble into Fall

Sierra Nevada is replacing their fall seasonal, Anniversary Ale, with something called Tumbler Autumn Brown Ale. I'm not going to lie, this sounds delicious. I don't recall having feelings one way or the other for the Anniversary Ale and I'm quite a fan of brown ales. This counts as a big win for me.

Wort Hog was able to pick some up Thursday night at Gomer's in Lee's Summit. But, I didn't see it on Friday when I was at the Lukas in south KC. King's Liquor in Olathe (a pretty nice little store with pretty beer knowledgeable employees if you're ever out near Garmin, it's behind the QT on 151st) was expecting it last Thursday so they should have it by now.

I'm really looking forward to trying some Tumbler. If you see it anywhere let us know in comments.


  1. It's a tasty little beer, too. It's not as hop-forward as what you'd expect from Sierra Nevada, but they basically nailed an early fall beer. Moderately light in body, somewhat dry finish, a bit of toast & roasted nut flavor, some caramel malt in there as well. It's a really easy-to-drink beer and just simply enjoyable.

  2. I got it at the Kansas Lukas on Thursday. Pretty easy drinking. I was kind of hoping for something a bit more chocolaty and robust. Good stuff though, I'd buy more.

  3. If you are familiar with King's in Olathe, you must live pretty close to me.

  4. Mark, my in-laws live out there. We stop in to King's every once in a while on our way over because they tend to know beer pretty well.