Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lost - Whatcha Drinkin?

I was going to write a well informed post about THE beer to drink during the Lost finale tonight. But, I never really figured out THE beer to drink. I've been as lost as to what to drink during the 3 hour extravaganza tonight as I've been during the 6 years of Lost. We spent the day at the Matt Ross Community Center pool today, I'm worn out and I'm not making an extra trip to Tipsy's. So, I'll either be drinking one of my 2008 Saison-Bretts, a Seeyoulator or stick to the Bell's Oberon, Great Divide Titan IPA, Colette and Denver Pale Ale that treated me so right last night. It's about 78 degrees in the house right now, we're getting some takeout, the kids are going to bed early and I'm going to be sucking down some beer.

So, the question is, what are you drinking tonight?


  1. Weird, I just had a Wheach.


    I'll be having some mead with scotch whiskey added (commercial product) later.

  2. Schlafly's new IPA: it's very good, almost as tasty as Bell's Hopslam

  3. I put down a 4 pack of Old Rasputin. I'm newly hooked on it.

  4. Wilco

  5. I know this is after the fact, but I went with Hoss based solely on the write up here. It was a substantial beer for a substantial evening.

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