Schlafly Tripel

I picked up a bottle of Schlafly Tripel the other night in my neverending quest to try something new. I've only had one or two other of Schlafly's special brews and they left such an impression on me that I don't remember what I've had.

I opened it up after dinner the other night to enjoy while we watched TV, because when you have twins who will fight over the proper way to say 100 (a hundred vs. one hundred), sometimes a guy can use a drink. The first thing I noticed when pouring it into my favorite Boulevard Smokestack glass, was the absence of head. The head barely gave a cover to the dark orange liquid. By the time I got the glass sat down and situated for a picture, the foam was almost all gone. It definitely had that Belgian funk along with some floral, perfumy smells. The taste was really sweet, almost like the beer syrup I so crave for pancakes. A hop flavor was also present that isn't usually in a Tripel which I guess is Schlafly's interpretative flair on the Tripel.

At 10% alcohol this beer provided a wallop. A wallop not needed on a beer as drinkable as this one. Lucky for me, PBR and Olga, Stella's brother in law and sister, showed up. I quickly poured the remaining Tripel into a glass for PBR to drink saving me from getting too much of a drink on. The Tripel is definitely a buddy beer. At $8.99/bottle a buddy can help you sport the cost as well. Because the Tripel is just okay, $8.99 seems a little much to sport semi regularly. But $4.50 for a good glass of beer is barely more than you would pay for a good beer at a bar. Plus, you're not going to get enough alcohol to make you feel bad in the morning.

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