Framboz In

The yearly holiday struggle has begun. No, not Christmas shopping or finding a good turkey. It's the annual Frambozen hunt.

As regular readers know, I loves me some raspberry beers and Frambozen is one of the best around and my favorite. Thanks to Rod_Leviathon I found out that Hy-Vee Wine and Spirits has about 6 cases of Frambozen left (after my purchase). I hope you didn't think I would tell you before I got me some. $9.99 a sixer is a little steep, but, truth be told I'd buy just as much at $12.99/sixer.

If you see Frambozen somewhere else let us know in comments with the prices. I think it might be a little more available this year simply because I don't think any stores even got 6 cases of Frambozen last year if they got any. You better get yours before Chimpotle buys up all the Frabozen in town again.

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