Monday, September 28, 2009

Savvy Closing

In the least remarkable news imaginable, it appears that Savvy Coffee and Wine Bar is closing. We've spilled a lot of bytes on here talking about Savvy because I was somewhat fascinated by the place. Everyone's favorite blogger Owen from Fat City and I had several conversations about Savvy and it's management. It boiled down to the fact this was the owner's first real venture and she was trying to combine 2 things, coffee shop and wine bar, that are very difficult for even the savviest of managers. This combined with the fact that rents are so high in the P&L that there is no room for error, and she made a couple of errors.

It is a shame because I kind of liked Savvy. They brewed a wonderful cup of coffee. The staff was always courteous. But, overall the place just didn't work. It wasn't cozy, it wasn't a place I wanted to hang out and drink and I don't think it ever gained a following.

This is going to be a problem with the P&L. Rents are too high and nobody can make their nut. Only the well capitalized franchise type places are going to be able to survive long enough to build up enough regulars to stick around. It's not the place for local entrepreneurs to try out their business idea. And that is the reason, the P&L will never feel like a part of Kansas City, it will always feel like a touristy place with no soul.


  1. high rent is frequently mentioned as a downside for small places at the P&L.I can see the same business doing better just a few miles down the road

  2. Agreed. The people who frequent P&L are simply not there to support even a well-executed local wine/coffee bar. When deep-pocketed restaurant franchises are having difficulty, you know the locals without an established following or concept (like the Bristol) are going to struggle.

  3. I just never figured how that place was going to work at that location. Didn't make any sense.

  4. This makes me a little bit depressed. I enjoyed the place quite a bit. I'll miss savvy