Three Men and a Hopsickle

As all of us beer folk know, Moylan's is now available in Missouri. I picked up a bomber of Hopsickle Imperial Ale a couple of weeks ago and I was saving it for a time when I was really in the mood to drink a good hoppy beer.

That time came last night as I sat down to watch TV. I settled upon "Three Men and a Baby" because the kids were still awake and they are completely fascinated with any movie with a kid in it.

I poured my Hopsickle into my new Dad glass I got from the Flying Saucer, I have no idea what kind of glass it is, it's closest relative would be the standard pint glass. It poured a kind of orange and was rather cloudy (I like cloudy beers and laugh at the Budweiser commercial where Rob Riggle holds the beer up and is excited to be able to see through it). The hops smell was definitely present. It tasted wonderful, starting off with a grapefruit taste then moving to a piney taste on the tongue and finishing down my throat with a grapefruit and maybe some apricot (I don't like apricots and I'm working on a theory that you don't like whatever fruit you grow at your house growing up, we had an apricot tree when I was a kid). The sweetness usually present in a double IPA wasn't there. Well, the sweetness was there but it didn't overpower anything, I knew I was drinking an IPA and wasn't confusing it with IPA syrup.*

*IPA syrup might be one of my greatest ideas ever. Do you think it would taste good on pancakes. I'm envisioning boiling down some super sweet double IPA (does Southern Tier make a double?) until it has a syruppy consistency. I'm unsure if it would be better on pancakes and waffles or used in cocktails like Rose's lime or simple syrup. Someone try this.

I haven't watched "Three Men and a Baby in over 15 years. Watching movies of this era is always fun because I like to pick out bit players that have made a pretty good career. It seems that Jim Brass from CSI always tends to make an appearance. As I was watching the movie and entertaining questions from the kids such as "where's the baby", "when is the baby coming back", "what are they going to do with the baby", I began to wonder if this movie could be remade today. I don't think we have the kind of virile men that Ted Danson, Tom Selleck and Steve Guttenberg were in 1987. This is Sam Malone, Magnum P.I. and Mahoney all in one movie, I think I grew an extra chest hair (total up to 7 now) just watching them last night. If Stella had been home she may have gotten pregnant again (just from watching). So I threw out the question on Twitter, who, today, could play these roles. The masses (ShaneAdams, Nuke718, TheDLC and PinchedPink) came up with McConaughey, Vin Diesel, Will Smith, Luke Wilson, Charlie Sheen, Ben Affleck, Hugh Jackman (I'm pretty sure this was a joke), Collin Ferrel, Jason Bateman and Simon Peg among others.

Now I'm not too sure on any combination of those so I would propose shaking things up and making it a Kevin Smith joint with Affleck, Jason Lee and Kevin Smith himself in the iconic roles. We've already seen Affleck fumble around changing a diaper in "Jersey Girl" but rather than watch that again we could have a whole new movie, that's actually really good. I think this should be done.

On the second pour of the Hopsickle the flavors changed a little with the increased temperature. The beer became a little more balanced than it was when just out of the refrigerator and also had a much more aggressive head. I also noticed the bottle said it was triple hoppy and not triple hop brewed, which I've been led to believe by Miller is a sign of quality. The triple hoppy refers to the Danson, Selleck and Guttenberg of hops included in Hopsickle, Tomahawk, Cascade and Centennial.

The Hopsickle is quality despite the lack of being triple hop brewed and it should be for $9.99. Double IPA's aren't typically my favorite kinds of brews, but the Hopsickle could very well be my favorite of the style. I look forward to trying more from Moylans (Kilt Lifter, a Scotch Ale is on tap at the Flying Saucer) in the coming weeks. You should too. Their beers are only available in 22 oz. bombers.

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