Red, White & Brew on the Radio

I know I've mentioned before that I'm a bit of a radiophile. Odds are if you saw me and I had my Ipod on, I was probably listening to a podcast of one of my favorite radio shows, "The Mike O'Meara Show". I've been listening to Mike O'Meara (mostly in the form of the Don and Mike show, Don's retired earlier this year) for 18 years. It's a Wichita thing, but it's a national show. I always have to explain it like it's the Howard Stern show, only different. No music or anything, just a bunch of fat dudes (and Buzz) sitting around talking about television, drinking and whatever else comes to mind.

Well that was a long setup, but I mentioned a couple of months ago a book I wanted to read, "Red, White & Brew" by Brian Yaeger. In the book Yaeger went around the country visiting and drinking at breweries, including our very own Free State and Boulevard (devoting a whole chapter to them, mostly Free State). In the time since that post, Brian and I have exchanged a couple of emails and other communiques. As he was passing through our neighbor to the north, Nebraska, during his book tour, I recommended a couple of good Nebraska beers to him (like he didn't know where to go).

Anyway, on my in to work today I was listening to Monday's podcast and they said that Brian was going to be in studio on tomorrow's show (Tuesday's show, they're downloaded to Itunes the next morning around 9). I almost drove off the road I was so excited. I was able to download the podcasts and listen to them around 11:30 today and thoroughly enjoyed Brian on the show. He was funny, well informed and had a good time with Mike, Buzz and Robb. He even brought them in some beers to try. Sadly he didn't mention any area beers (or beer bloggers). You can listen to one segment here or you can download your own from Itunes, he was on 2 segments (10/21 Seg 3 and 4, just search for the "Mike O'Meara Show"). So go do that and then go out and buy his book.

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