Election Night Drinking

I know some people like to go out to election watch parties at candidate or party sponsored events. Nothing could bore me more, I don't particularly like being in a room with a bunch of like thinking individuals. I seek diversity so I was looking for someplace that would be showcasing election results to the general public on election night. Not only showing the election results on the various TV's but blaring the audio and maybe making an event of the evening like the event that it is being the most important election in the history of the US (until the election in 2012).

Well, I found one place, The Flying Saucer. The Saucer, as I affectionately call it, has been rather political for a bar this election season by selling Obama and McCain pint glasses and displaying the sales figures in a capitalistic vote total above the bar (Obama has a sizeable lead at this late date something like 734 - 426). The Saucer has even gone so far as to cancel the Trivia Night they usually have on Tuesday nights to focus on the election. Good for them.

Does anyone out there in the KC beeriverse know other bars hosting similar election drinking sessions?

Update: It looks like the Foundry is having a watch party with 1 free beer from McCoys.

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