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Wes met me this evening over at The Flying Saucer. It was his first time because he was too full to come on Monday. Wes was, to Michelle the waitress and whoever the bartender was, the first to order a Young's Double Chocolate Stout float. Wes thought it was fabulous, I thought the bitterness of the beer wasn't overcome by the sweetness of the ice cream.

While we were in there, as anyone who is in the Twitterverse would know, we were screwing around on the Internet. Wes was trying to look up what TKC said about his Mi Cocina post. I clicked on his site from my bookmarks and KC Live (which I was hooked up to for Wi-Fi) has declared Tony's Kansas City pornography. I found it funny. Luckily we were able to read his post in my Google Reader.

Anyway, when you go to The Flying Saucer, ask to sit in Michelle's section and tell her The KC Beer Blog sent you.

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