Drunk Trolley

This sounds like a fabulous idea.
“From 7 p.m. to 3 a.m. a series of mini buses and trolley cars will run from Seven downtown to the entertainment district to 18th and Vine, the Martini Corner, Westport, the Plaza, Brookside and Waldo and end up in the parking lot at Lew’s.

“It will be a continuous shuttle. You pay $10 for a wristband that allows you to pop on and pop off as much as you want that night. In addition, all the bars will provide security and run drink specials at different times for people wearing wristbands.”


From Tuesday through Sunday, George’s trolleys will run day shifts from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. out of Union Station to the Steamboat Arabia, the Kansas City Museum, the Negro Leagues and Jazz museums near 18th and Vine and Liberty Memorial. An all day pass will cost $8 (children under 10 free).

“What this does is it puts the trolleys back on the street in Kansas City,” George says. “There are none now, but we’re going to bring in a fleet of trolleys to support this.”

One downside is that they still need to suck at the taxpayer's teat to get started. But I must say, I do agree that it would help tourism. I've long thought there should be some sort of trolley going from Bartle Hall to the Sprint Center and from River Market to Crown Center. Conventioneers could get around to some of KC's sights. Convention folk could get their wristband free with their downtown hotel room (the hotels would pay a fee for their guests to use the trolley). We don't need no stinkin' expensive light rail. I know light rail is nice and all but we could buy everyone in KC a brand new car for the price light rail would cost. We could implement the trolley/bus scheme in months for a fraction of the price and it could sustain itself through user fees not taxes. Let's get this done and shut the hell up about light rail. Plus, who hasn't wanted to vomit off of a trolley? NO ONE!

Hat tip to The D.

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