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I sure wish we could figure out a way to monetize the KC Beer Blog. It seems a dude in New York figured out a good way. He has come up with a website that compiles all of the bars in Manhattan's beer menus.
A tip of the pint, then, to Will Stephens, who at 23 has been drinking legally for only two years, yet has created, a growing compendium that lists 263 beer menus and 1,386 different beers from pubs around Manhattan and, now, Brooklyn.
As Florence Fabricant noted in today’s Dining In section, the site, which went live on April 24, is deviously simple to use. You can search for a pub, a beer or a neighborhood. Each pub listing includes an address, phone, hours and Google map. The list of beers includes the brewery, alcohol by volume and price per bottle or glass. Click on the name of a beer and you are then taken to a list of pubs that sell it.
The idea for the site grew out of frustration. Mr. Stephens was tired of his job as a paralegal. An avid home brewer, he was also tired of getting stuck in bars with mediocre beer. His favorite, 90 Minute IPA from the Dogfish Head brewery in Milton, Del., was not exactly easy to find. His older brother, Eric, was having no better luck finding his first choice, Arrogant Bastard, made by the Stone Brewing Company.
“Too often we’d go along with our friends and be unhappy with the beer selection,” said Will Stephens, from his apartment in Williamsburg. “We’d go out of our way” to find pubs with good beer.

I'll go out on a limb and guess that he has had his own Stables experience. If you're going to New York this summer, check out

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