Friday, March 7, 2008


Folks of Independence, put down your meth pipes and let your elected representative in the state house know that Boulevard is your brew of choice. Curt Dougherty needs to know that Budweiser doesn't flow through Independence quite as much as Boulevard does (and meth).


  1. Eastern Jack CO.March 7, 2008 at 6:51 PM

    What is a good Truman Democrat doing selling his soul to AB? I live next to the Meth Capitol and would hate to see a KC area guy nominate anything from St. Louis. Follow the money. AB probably gave him some money for yard signs. At least nominate a good brewery from St. Louis - Schlafly ( drinking an APA now). I second BLVD as MO official brewery.

  2. Budweiser is the King of Crap Beers. What a joke.

    And does it not bother anyone else that our elective officials are wasting time on this? Hey, Independence Rep, why not focus your time on cleaning up the meth vs supporting goat-piss as your state beer. Budweiser? What a joke. Boulevard and Schlafly are immeasurably better. But comparing those BEERs to Budweiser is like apples and goat piss

  3. I agree with cmdevero, what the hell are our tax dollars being spent discussing what our state game bird should be? who gives a shit? how about we improve our roads, help those in need and not be such republican pricks? I'm for an anarchy, as long as I'm in charge.