Bull Sightings

Good times today on my trek home from the daily grind. On my way to the car after work I noticed that the Chipotle sign was hung at the future site of Chipotle at 14th and Walnut. Then as I crossed Walnut to get to my car in the underground garage were 4 new stainless steel beer tanks sitting outside (I almost jumped the security fence and dry hump the tanks but I guess I'm getting older). I imagine tomorrow those tanks will find their home in the new Gordon-Biersch. I'm going to guess that Gordon-Biersch is going to be open by March. I hope they start brewing soon. As if things couldn't get any better I had a stop by Mission Liquor on Johnson Dr. and they had Boulevard Irish Ale. So there you go, Irish Ale has hit the stores, get out there, get a sixer and get your Irish on.

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