Carving the Turkey

I found this today while doing my morning Times reading; the butcher's method to carving a turkey. One of my rules in life is to always listen to a butcher, he knows best and this is the method I will use to carve my turkey.
“One year the turkey took a long time to cook and I went to carve it after about 13 beers,” said Maurice Landry, who lives near Lake Charles, La. “The way I remember it, I bore down to take off the leg and the whole thing went shooting off the platter and knocked over the centerpiece.”

Oops, not that. Click the link and there is a very easy to follow video on how to cut your bird. I believe you could even drink a beer while doing it, it's so easy.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone and remember, Thanksgiving is no time for cheap beer, splurge and you will be rewarded. The Boulevard Smokestack Series will accompany the Bull E. Vard family Thanksgiving this year.

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