Beer in the News

Sometimes, especially during the summer, I work from home. When I'm home, I annoy Stella because I'm always turning the channel to CNBC because it's the best thing on during the weekday that doesn't involve Plinko or other pricing games. Imagine my happiness when I found out about the Fox Business Channel which is starting today. Then I read this:
But there are signs that CNBC is nervous about its new rival. After word leaked that Fox Business would have a 5 p.m. show called "Happy Hour" -- based in a bar -- CNBC added a happy-hour segment, from a bar, to its program "Fast Money." CNBC spokesman Kevin Goldman says "the concept" has been around since "Fast Money" "was first created" and was adopted when the program moved to 5 p.m.

I can only take so much "Mad Money", so I'm happy I can watch (if it was on Everest cable, which it is not) a business show set in a bar. Can I be a guest on this show so I can talk about MTMD, my favorite stock since EPEX circa January 2006.

Fox Business can be found on Time Warner and Comcast cable systems in town.

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