Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Budweiser Chelada

I was presented with Budweiser and Clamato at the liquor store last night. I am not one for tomato beers but Budweiser Chelada sounds just gross, I know I'll never have it simply because I don't dig tomato juice, nor Budweiser for that matter. But I do worry this crap will take shelf space away from some smaller liquor stores, maybe occupying a spot for Pabst 12 pack bottles or more severely a second tier Goose Island like Hex Nut Brown Ale. Let's stand up and say NO to Budweiser in this endeavor, buy your Bud (if you must) and mix it with Clamato at home, be like the rest of the country mix one up before you go to work, you have time.


  1. I've always thought the only thing holding back Budweiser from becoming the true king of beers was a little clam juice.

    I can't see this replacing anything other than Bud products on store shelves until it is crushed by Miller Chill and DC'd.

  2. Clamato is a popular drink in Canada and is the main ingredient in the popular Caesar mixed drink that is found throughout Canada, also Chelada is extremely popular in Mexico and is the target audience of this beer. Budweiser is brilliant for attempting to market to Hispanics as this is the fasting growing group in the USA.

  3. I recently tried a Chelada Powder
    on my beer and it tasted OK. It was spicy and lemony. The tomato and celery flavor reminded me of a Bloody Mary. The best thing is that it made my Colt 45 taste like a Budweiser with Clamato.

  4. I am big fan of Budweiser and Bud Light....Cheers

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