Waiter, what's this flea doing in my beer?

One of Kansas City's most intriguing watering holes is the Westport Flea Market. Where else can you browse trendy merchandise from yesteryear, and then belly-up to the bar for one of twenty-three beers on tap? Granted there's no waitress named Lois, but who needs her when you can select delectable brews, spankin'-fresh from the keg like Warsteiner, McEwan's, Boulevard Nutcracker, and yes, even PBR (for 99-cents*)!

The bar is perhaps best-known for its burgers, proclaimed "the best in Kansas City," twenty-two years in a row! So, out of curiosity, I did an online search for the best burgers, and each "best of" list had different burger joints in the #1 spot... I guess it's all subject. Having personally HAD a Flea Market burger however, I will have to concur with their proclamation that it truly IS the best burger in the area.

Some words of caution: "The Flea Market Bar & Grill is a CASH ONLY establishment." They do have an ATM on premises, for those of you who rarely carry cash, like me. It's so old fashioned--but then again, you will be drinking and eating in a flea market...

So the next time you're out in need of beer, a porcelain bust of Abraham Lincoln, or a one-of-a-kind Chiefs-colored, macramé car cover, you'll probably find it in Westport. And if not, your liver will at least thank you for a delightful afternoon (or morning--and you know who you are) of assorted tap beers!

Happy Hour Mon-Fri 4-6
(*$.99 PBR, $1.99 Domestics, $3.00 Wells)

Reverse Happy Hour every night 9-close
*$.99 PBR, $1.99 Domestics, $3.00 Wells)

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