Beer in HD

I ran across the greatest channel this weekend, MOJOHD. Unfortunately, it's only available in HD but I think it would be well worth it to go out and buy an HD TV for this channel. I watched a show called "Beer Nutz" where 2 guys go to a city and visit all the breweries, brewpubs and tap rooms in a given city. Another show which comes on after "Beer Nutz" called "Three Sheets" seems even more promising as it proclaims to be the world's ultimate pub crawl.

"Beer Nutz" proclaims on the show that they have a blog, but I can't find it on their site. "Three Sheets" also has a blog as well as videos from the show. MojoHD is available on Time Warner, Everest and Comcast. I haven't been this excited about a channel since I found out Trio was playing reruns of "The Famous Teddy Z".

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